Do you guys know what is trending in the market nowadays? It’s a cryptocurrency and there are so many celebrities who are involved in crypto and have made money through this. But if you are the one, not familiar with crypto. Then let’s take a pause here. 

Crypto is simply a digital currency that doesn’t demand any sort of transaction verification or any government or bank to handle. It includes Bitcoin, Ripple, and many other currencies. 

Now there must be a question in your head. How are celebrities getting rich with crypto and why is this their only topic today?

So crypto has become a very commonly used currency throughout the world because it can be easily manageable by an individual. The potential investors think of it as the best thing to invest in. 


World Top 5 Crypto Millionaires:

1- Chang Peng Zhao:

We all are familiar with the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. This man is the chief of it, and according to the statistics of January 2022, his net worth was approximately $96 billion. Which is expected to rise even more with blockster. And in the past year, his worth was about $1.6 billion. Chang Peng Zhao is one of those passionate and successful people who invested in bitcoin and became rich today. 

2- Winklevoss twins:

The legends Tyler and Winklevoss are the entrepreneurs who made their names in the industry by mutual effort. Their basic earnings came from the investment in cryptocurrencies. And according to an estimate, the net worth of each is $5 billion. Another success was in 2017 when they became the 1st billionaires in the crypto ecosystem. 

3- Sam Bankman-Fried:

In 2019, the most famous crypto exchange was founded by FTX, and nearly in October 2021. Sam Bankman-Fried, according to an estimate, had a net worth of $26.5 billion. 

He further became famous when in 2020 he donated $5 million to the President of the U.S campaign.  

4- Michael Saylor:

Cryptocurrencies have attracted many potential investors and Michael Saylor is also one of those celebrities who are well known in the market today. This man is the owner of the software firm MicroStrategy. 

He became a firm supporter of bitcoin. And appeared in the news several times explaining the uses and advantages of bitcoin. His firm has made a net worth of $3.5 billion by December 2021. And according to the statistics, his net worth now is $2.2 billion. 

5- Brian Armstrong:

The founder of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong was an engineer by profession, but he left the job in 2012 and co-founded the cryptocurrency exchange. 

He has a nineteen percent share in Coinbase & by January 2022, his net worth was $10.4 billion. 

According to Brian Armstrong, he formed Coinbase because he desired the earth to have a:

“Global, open financial system that drives innovation and freedom.”


Cryptocurrencies have become very famous in this era. And there are so many celebrities who have made their future secure and are making billions. Either by investing in them or by providing services & products to the turned-up ecosystem.